Move for Hunger Hackathon

About Move for Hunger: Move for Hunger is a non-profit that leverages current moving networks to donate food items that would otherwise be thrown away.

In the NBCUniversal Social Hack, Move for Hunger wanted a solution that uses mobile and/or web technology to bring awareness to their search and booking resource that connects users to socially-conscious movers that would help them donate food.

And we won the 3rd prize in this hackathon.

How can Move for Hunger encourage more people to donate food when they move?

Literature Review, User Interviews, User Journey Mapping

The main clientele of moving companies are women between 30-50 years. However, according to the US Census, young adults between 18-34 years old have the highest migration rates in the US.

Young people are unlikely to use moving companies and prefer to to move themselves with the help of friends and family.

How can Move for Hunger grow its mission of helping people who are relocating/moving act in a socially responsible way?

We designed a web application that generates a customized moving checklist. Since moving is overwhelming, our web application help users to help users to easily receive moving quotes and keep organized with a customized checklist. Users who don’t plan on using a mover will receive a list of local food banks and organizations near them to donate to.

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