VRbal - VR app for people who stutter

People who suffer from stuttering are unable to speak fluently. As a result they are also at higher risk for social anxiety disorders. In America, those who suffer from stuttering face particularly challenging circumstances when searching for job. They need to be able to talk freely during an interview without trying to conceal their impediment, accepting their speech as part of who they are and gaining the confidence that comes with successful experiences. For that reason I have developed an online platform that allows people who stutter to post their personal stories in the form of a positive storyline. Taking inspiration from those stories, I and my fellowship teammates have also developed a Virtual Reality app that allows users to practice interviews within the safe space of virtual reality. Users can gain the confidence by step-by-step approach.

  • Role Social Impact Design
  • For People who stutter ane People who have social anxiety
  • Date 2017
  • URL vrbal.io/