Icon Design

In terms of the visual perspective, I am confident that I can redesign Yahoo’s icons and UI to make them visually clearer. When I worked at Yahoo I was a designer in charge of a project to redesign over 200 icons. As the designer in charge, I first set about researching every aspect of the service – interviewing those who use it to those in charge of it. I considered all possible angles before using this data to convince the person in charge of the necessity to refine the design of their classic icons and make them simpler and more user-friendly. I shared ideas with the entirety of the company, and so that business was conducted smoothly, I also created the Design Guidelines Book. This specified details such as color or angle of the icons. After the redesign, the number of PV’s on Yahoo’s top page, as well as the CTR (click through rate) more than doubled. Although substantial capital is devoted to communications at a large corporation such as Yahoo, I always maintained contact with the stakeholders, always showing them my designs and gaining a consensus from them.

  • Role Designer and Professional Work
  • For The client is Yahoo! JAPAN
  • Type Graphic Design
  • URL www.yahoo.co.jp/


Output – Service Icon

Icon Book