Go Bunkyo Magazine

Bunkyo has the highest population of elderly people, but they do not know enough about each other’s activities. In overview, this project involves placing magazines about the activities of elderly residents of the Bunkyo district in hospital waiting rooms, and having other elderly people, who read the magazines as they wait, participate proactively in the activities. The purpose is to revitalize communication between elderly people and to reduce the number of elderly people who feel lonely living by themselves. I was responsible for the graphic design of the event poster and magazine and planning the Meetup. I chose a main color for the magazines which would stand out on the waiting room magazine rack.
Elderly people living alone in Japan are on the rise. Alleviating their mental loneliness will be a future issue for the country.

  • Role Designer and Team Project
  • For The client is a Nonprofit Organization in Tokyo
  • Type Graphic Design and Research


Output – Research, Poster and Brochure